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I love your photos and was very moved by your story behind the fund raising for March of Dimes. I just ordered some of your prints which I look forward to hanging in my home for others to enjoy as well when people come over. Best to you and your wife.

Mr. Pratt,

Thank you so very much. Not only for the generous order and donation, but also the kind words. Things like this are doing a lot for us in the healing process, too.



…a little (lots) of help from our friends.

Just thought to pass along an update on our fundraising for the March of Dimes.

Earlier I posted that we were not quite to the halfway mark of our $3500 goal for the upcoming March for Babies in Indianapolis. Just since then, we’ve raised almost $600 dollars. That’s a pretty good day.

It’s fantastic, this outpouring of support my wife and I have received. Thank you everyone for what you’ve done to help. We’re not through yet.